How healthy is your network?

We know you’re busy running your business and that sometimes you may forget to think about the security and health of your computer network.  NetProtect finds that 90% of all networks have potential serious IT risks that go undetected.  Find out TODAY if your network is vulnerable and if your company is at risk of a business interruption or an attack!

Enterprise HelpDesk

Although EVERY competent support provider should be delivering a laundry list of “standard support services” to your organization … why settle for good enough when you can get THE BEST!

Backup and Recovery

NetProtect stands by your data!  We do backups of backups and then one more backup just to be sure.  (You can never have too many backups.)


35% of companies are still using old Backup and Disaster Recovery Technologies


27% of all companies have a Passing Grade for their Disaster Recovery Plan


1 million new pieces of malware release everyday. Are you protected?


Companies that fail due to technology issues.

What We Offer

Although EVERY competent support provider should be delivering a laundry list of “standard support services” to your organization … why settle for good enough when you can get THE BEST!

NetProtect offers the most comprehensive standard support available in the industry … at a price you can afford!  We also believe that your organization will love the fact that you can budget for your IT spend on a three year basis … knowing what that expense will look like!  It’s our commitment to YOU!

So, what do we do?

NetProtect not only provides the following list of services as a “standard solution” but can customize your services to meet your specific needs, your hours of operation or your customized software applications requirements!

NetProtect, Inc was founded in 2002 based on the idea that small and medium sized businesses (SMB) have a great technology need, yet are often ignored or overlooked by larger Value-Added-Resellers. At NetProtect, our goal is to provide the same, if not better, Enterprise class support and solutions to the SMB space that our engineers have been providing to Fortune 500 companies for decades.

We also have the flexibility of augmenting companies with existing IT staff, assisting with project needs, to providing complete IT sourcing.   Our engineers average over 10 years experience and hold many certifications from manufacturers such as Cisco, Citrix, Juniper, Microsoft, Ironport, Star2Star and many others. We maintain three Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), which is an industry standard security certification.

NetProtect takes great pride in our approach to supporting clients. We’ve taken the time, spent the money, and have dedicated the energy required in processes and procedures that will help your organization maximize your investments in IT infrastructure. Let us earn your business!

  • Managed IT Services 65% 65%
  • Time and Materials 10% 10%
  • Projects 25% 25%

Our Work Flow

UNLIMITED Helpdesk support

Our Helpdesk supports a wide range of customers from small to medium size companies.  We are built to support your company, so sign up today!

FREE Firewall

Don’t settle for companies that claim to be a full Managed Services company, but then doesn’t provide you with a firewall.  We provide a full enterprise level firewall that we know inside and out.

UNLIMITED Onsite support

We don’t nickel and dime our customers with every time we make an onsite visit.  We provide full UNLIMITED support to our customers for one price per month.  Call today and get a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed IT Services

Managed Services (MS) is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management and support responsibilities as a strategic method for improving your business operations.

MS is a proactive approach to handling your IT needs. MS can range from a small portion of a business’s IT needs such as managing the security / firewall to complete outsourcing of all IT to make sure your employees are efficient and not interrupted by IT problems. In short, an MS company takes responsibility for your IT services for a fixed fee.

How is Managed Service Different from ||Standard|| IT Service?

There are two basic areas of distinction:

  1. The support approach of proactive vs. reactive: In a reactive model, many companies setup their systems, get them to a functional state and then leave them alone until a crisis occurs. They tend to avoid their IT technology until there is a major issue and business operations are impacted. Then, when there is a crisis, they call in help. The help then charges an hourly rate to work on the problem. A proactive approach is about consistently doing the things that help keep systems performing well. Routine maintenance, patches, updates and system work are performed to keep things in shape. Systems are monitored and when resources or problems start indicating a problem it is reported prior to a major event and service is dispatched to address the concern before it impedes the business.

  2. Financial Alignment: In the reactive model, the MS vendor makes their money when you are in crisis. They are really incentivized when there is a problem. They feed when you bleed. If there were no problems they would go out of business. Their focus is on recovering from issues not avoiding them. In short, they gain when you are in pain.

Managed service is different because there should be a performance guarantee.That way the MSP loses money (just like you do) when there is a significant IT problem. MS focuses on avoidance of problems vs. recovery from problems.

What is the Cost of a Managed Service Agreement?

MS agreements have several different levels which are related to the scope of the agreement. A reputable MSP should be able to demonstrate an ROI (Return on Investment) for their services. With MS there can be a large cost savings, as some MSPs have raised their efficiency using best practices and standards to a level where they can provide the hardware and services for less than a company can hire an employee.

All things considered, you need to make sure an agreement provides value for your company. If you are knowledgeable about the average costs in your industry for IT technology, you should be able to make a good value assessment.

What Type of Term Agreement is Involved?
ome managed services are month-to-month, while others are multi-year commitments. It all depends on what is involved with the setup process and cost of service. Some will have a very high startup cost, and then a lower long-term cost. Others spread out the startup costs across a longer period to mitigate the overall monthly cost.
Why Should I Consider Managed Service?

Many businesses rely on IT technology, but technology support and networking is not their core business focus. In that case, you need to ask yourself if spending time away from your core business is really cost-effective.

You can go the “wait till it breaks” route, but you need to understand what lower performance and reliability is really costing your company in lost productivity and lost opportunity costs.

Who is a Good Candidate for Managed Services?

If you relate to 4 or more of these categories, you can benefit from a managed services approach:

  • You just want it all to work!
  • You did not choose your career to monkey with IT issues.
  • You understand what it costs your company for you to not focus on your top priorities.
  • You do not want to be in the IT business.
  • You do not want to deal with IT.
  • You are done trying to get techies to understand what you really need.
  • You realize the hourly cost of downtime and business interruption is so much more than a technician’s hourly rate.
  • You are finished with trying to manage depreciating assets.
  • You are done with finding, hiring, and managing IT staff.
  • You realize that like death and taxes, your business depends on IT technology and IT technology cannot be avoided.
  • You never want to deal with Technology vendors blaming each other while you pay their bills.
  • You realize that many support engineers are not incentivized to your problems while they make money from your have problems.
  • You put up with IT support issues because you do not want the trouble of changing to another support provider.
What are Benefits of a Managed Service?
  • Focus on Business Activities
    Time spent on your business vs. time spent on tech support adds to your bottom line.
  • Reduced Stress
    Dealing with non-expertise areas is stressful, which adds to the fact that problems in these areas may cost cost thousands of dollars.
  • Controlled Cost
    You can budget expenses and hold the MSP accountable to the results.
  • Reliable Performance
    The service level agreement should guarantee performance or you do not pay.
  • Efficiency of Scale
    MSPs have the experience and knowledge from supporting many networks. This experience cannot be gained by supporting one network.
  • Increased Security
    Managed Service vendors generally have resources that proactively manage and maintain business critical components such as firewalls, employee usage and virus/malware suites.
  • Full Back-up and Business Continuity
    You no longer have to remember to back-up media and tapes, MSPs provide automated systems that provide back-up and business continuity services to return your business to operational within minutes.
  • IT Accountability
    Have you ever wished you could have more control over your IT results? Without an MSP agreement, you are trading hourly IT help for money, and often you do not get what you desire. A MS level agreement is based upon a performance guarantee.


NetProtect has been an instrumental business partner since our start of 9 employees and 2 offices to our now 300 plus employees and nearly 50 combined partnership related offices over the last eight years.  With the advantage of NetProtect at our side, we have developed a highly reliable and security sensitive environment that has attracted and maintained many of our customers while at the same time keeping IT fiscal responsibility in check.  This same IT environment which NetProtect helped architect is challenged and proven successful daily with our domestic and international internal operations which are moving 24/7/365 a year.  I highly recommend and endorse NetProtect as a proven IT consulting and managed services provider.

ctot Jason Schnell

EVP/Information Technology, Capital Title of Texas

Our relationship with NetProtect has been a vital part of not only growing our company but sustaining us no matter what circumstances we are facing. Whether we are facing an ice storm with rolling power outages or major software issues, NetProtect is ALWAYS (day and night) on the front line working through the issues with a quick effective response, a professional attitude and customer service focus.

Charles and the leadership have developed a team of knowledgeable technicians who not only know their industry and role but care about each client and the service level they provide. Every time an order or call has been place at NetProtect, they have kept the heartbeat of our company functioning at optimal capacity.

Attorneys Title Company is truly indebted to NetProtect for allowing our team, and especially me, to focus on our core competency without EVER worrying about our technical support.

atcsmall63x65 Victoria Lowe

President, Attorneys Title Company

I have worked with NetProtect for about 5 years starting out with a previous employer and then brought them over to my current company. I continue to use their service as they have an outstanding track record with me in terms of integrity, security, backup and timeliness of resolving our IT issues.  When our server went out at one of our properties, they quickly came out and got us up and running with a loaner till our new one came in.

NetProtect’s employees are always professional and help us with even the simplest problems whether it is a printer or software issue.  They also help us prepare for the future in terms of expansion or upgrading when necessary.  NetProtect serves as our IT department for a lot less than having one internally.   It is a significant savings for our company as we continue to expand and grow.  I highly recommend hiring NetProtect by any company looking for great IT service at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a full fledge IT department or person.

verador Ana Garcia-Cearley

CPA - Controler, Verador - Property Management

NetProtect is a cornerstone of our growth and success.  Computer problems are a thing of the past and I can’t remember the last time we had unscheduled downtime.   Their Proactive approach to service and maintenance has increased our productivity and profitability, while allowing us to budget a flat monthly rate for service.  I highly recommend NetProtect to any company or organization that wants their computers to work when they work!

ntfnlogo Gary McKiddy


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