Backup and Recovery

NetProtect stands by your data!  We do backups of backups and then one more backup just to be sure.  (You can never have too many backups.)  Our backup and disaster recovery plan helps manage all of your data in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, theft, computer / server failure or simply the “human error” of deleting something by accident.  In addition, NetProtect images your machines as well.  We feel strongly that your replacement machine should come to you looking like the previous device did.  This is one more element that will help to increase your productivity … No need to re-learn your system and spend valuable time trying to reacquaint yourself with your technology!  NetProtect subscribes to the philosophy that if we can get to your system’s data to back it up, we can keep it safe and secure for you!  Oh … all of this is scheduled at YOUR off peak times!  Just another way that NetProtect has you covered!