We’ve dedicated this page to our customers. They have all the bragging rights when it comes to telling about our services.

Jason Schnell - EVP/Information Technology
Jason Schnell - EVP/Information Technology CapitalTitle

NetProtect has been an instrumental business partner since our start of 9 employees and 2 offices to our now 300 plus employees and nearly 50 combined partnership related offices over the last eight years.  With the advantage of NetProtect at our side, we have developed a highly reliable and security sensitive environment that has attracted and maintained many of our customers while at the same time keeping IT fiscal responsibility in check.  This same IT environment which NetProtect helped architect is challenged and proven successful daily with our domestic and international internal operations which are moving 24/7/365 a year.  I highly recommend and endorse NetProtect as a proven IT consulting and managed services provider.

Victoria Lowe - President
Victoria Lowe - President Attorneys Title Company
Our relationship with NetProtect has been a vital part of not only growing our company but sustaining us no matter what circumstances we are facing. Whether we are facing an ice storm with rolling power outages or major software issues, NetProtect is ALWAYS (day and night) on the front line working through the issues with a quick effective response, a professional attitude and customer service focus.

Charles and the leadership have developed a team of knowledgeable technicians who not only know their industry and role but care about each client and the service level they provide. Every time an order or call has been place at NetProtect, they have kept the heartbeat of our company functioning at optimal capacity.

Attorneys Title Company is truly indebted to NetProtect for allowing our team, and especially me, to focus on our core competency without EVER worrying about our technical support.

Ana Garcia-Cearley, CPA - Controler
Ana Garcia-Cearley, CPA - Controler Verador - Property Management

I have worked with NetProtect for about 5 years starting out with a previous employer and then brought them over to my current company. I continue to use their service as they have an outstanding track record with me in terms of integrity, security, backup and timeliness of resolving our IT issues.  When our server went out at one of our properties, they quickly came out and got us up and running with a loaner till our new one came in.

NetProtect’s employees are always professional and help us with even the simplest problems whether it is a printer or software issue.  They also help us prepare for the future in terms of expansion or upgrading when necessary.  NetProtect serves as our IT department for a lot less than having one internally.   It is a significant savings for our company as we continue to expand and grow.  I highly recommend hiring NetProtect by any company looking for great IT service at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a full fledge IT department or person.