Who We Are

NetProtect, founded in 2002 in the Dallas area,  depicts the perfect marriage when you couple  highly qualified technical prowess and decades of success driven management! Within the walls of the NetProtect “house” you will find over 175 years of combined technical expertise in all areas of Networking, Security, Software, and Support.

The cornerstone of the success we have come to realize at NetProtect is the simple philosophy that Small to Medium businesses, the SMB market, desperately need and deserve  the support that here-to-fore has been reserved for the Enterprise class clientele.  Not only do the SMB businesses not have the economies of scale that the Enterprise clients have, but they typically have budget constraints that would prevent  them from being able to make the $1m plus investment in infrastructure and technical talent that NetProtect has to offer our clients today!  All with the compassion, knowledge and understanding that time is of the essence … response time is king … and technical optimization is the backbone to growth and productivity proves invaluable!